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The mainstream publisher should also protect the author by guaranteeing a minimum up-front royalty, which should be non-refundable but often they don’t.  This is the reason they pay royalties every 6 months so they can reduce the amount owed by the number of returns.

Everyone in the business recognises there are thousands of excellent manuscripts sitting in desk drawers or agents’ waste baskets. The problem seems insurmountable.

So, how do you avoid frustration and overcome this spiral?

There is much we can do for the determined writer.     More….

ShieldCrest can help in several ways depending on the reason for the book.  Is it a novel for mass distribution or a private book?

If you are writing a specific book for your town, club, church or association, you probably will not need our full range of services so save money by taking our Option 1 only.

If you are a novelist and want to get your work appreciated by a wider audience, read on.

Many, if not all of the mainstream publishing houses now only publish works from established authors and celebrities.  Although they might claim to create demand for talented new writers, few, if any do. Why?...

Quite simply, it’s easier for them, as they have less marketing to do by capitalising on the individual’s following.  Not unreasonable but it stifles new talent

A further problem for the new author is that the large publishers only deal through literary agents but they make their living from the books they succeed in publishing, so they too are driven down the same road.  Basically, if they don’t meet the demands of the publishers they don’t eat.

Self-publishers often cream off thousands of pounds from authors desperate to see their books in print.  Typically this can be as high as £3,000 and we recently heard from an author that he had been asked for £8,000 up front with further costs to come.

Large publishing houses have captured the high street booksellers.  However, the retailer deals on a sale or return basis as they don’t want to be left with shelves full of books.