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Unfortunately, due to the volume of enquires we receive, we are unable to accept manuscripts by post.  We pride ourselves on offering all our authors the highest possible quality of service at the lowest costs available and we can only achieve this by operating throughout in digital format. If all you have is a hard copy of the manuscript please use the enquiry form opposite as we can arrange for it to be digitised.

All initial correspondence is done by e-mail and we respond to all communications by return.

If you have a query prior to placing an order, either give us a call or email us with your telephone number and we will call you right back.

We look forward to the prospect of welcoming you into our family of authors.

We want to hear from you:

Tel: 0333 8000 890   Overseas: +44333 8000 890

(Standard charge from mobiles and land lines)

 Any problems or queries email

If you have completed your manuscript and would like a quote, simply submit your work, here.

(Link assumes use of client email handler)

If the above link doesn’t work download the PDF enquiry form here save it to your PC and after completing the fields email it with your manuscript to:

 (if you can’t see the form fields in Acrobat make sure editing is turned on)

For any queries and general correspondence, either call us or use the form below. All e-mails are answered promptly.

You may want to first check your question hasn’t already been answered in our FAQs