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Two women carried on discussions over a period of weeks and came to the realisation that human motives determine their actions; secondly, that some humans do not know that the church is not for saints but receives bad and evil people. The two women went on to emphasise the observance of food LAWS AND restrictions which NON – OBSERVANCE OR RESTRICTION BY some make them commit crimes;  fourthly, they showed a link between the past and the future and advised that because of that relationship, museums should never be destroyed. Their destruction prevents comparisons when the untested future fails;  fifthly, they explain why leaders fail in some societies or nations;  sixthly, the purpose of humans on earth, especially the importance of the married knowing each spouse’s role or purpose to ensure the relationship is successful.

Finally, they disclosed the “mother” of all lessons concerning their ability to give birth to good human beings without gene editing; and a related lesson to political leadership and royalty of ideas being the means to fix challenges that confront societies or nations.

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Emmanuel Goka lives in Ghana with his wife and three children. He went in search of his world, to learn its extent and found it to be beyond all the planetary systems and well beyond the humans' earth world.

He also found that there were others under the waters, and elsewhere, more intelligent, more spiritual, more capable than humans.

  “ECLECTIC Conversations   by    Emman Goka

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