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Belinda Booth

Belinda Booth

Originally from Zimbabwe, Africa, Belinda has four Children, Clayton, Bonolo, Charlene and Ashton and six grandchildren to whom this book is dedicated.  She now lives in Sheffield and is married to John.

Belinda is an animal lover and wrote her first book when living in Botswana. Her granddaughter, Valentina, inspired her to write this book after she and her husband took her shopping. They had so much fun that she decided to capture the moment.

“Valentina’s Fun Day Out” is the first in a series, all of which will be packed with fun and adventure. Look out for “Valentina Gets a Dog” which will be out soon. All the characters in her books are real people, Valentina, Josh, Elliot grandchildren, Nanny me, Grandad my husband and Mum, our daughter Charlene.

Valentia's Fun Day Out

It’s a bright summer’s day and Valentina is excited; she’s going out with nanny and grandad and cannot wait because she knows it’s going to be fun.

Nanny and grandad take Valentina to Crystal Peaks shopping centre and to a children’s shop, to ‘Dog and Gate’, which is every child’s dream shop because you can shop with your dog. There is also a big ice cream parlour in the middle of the shop, which makes the shopping experience even more magical.

Valentina has an amazing time shopping and making new friends. Indeed, it’s a fun filled shopping adventure.



To purchase a copy of this book click here

Belinda holds a successful book signing at Crystal Peaks shopping centre in Sheffield.

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