Chrissie was born in Birmingham and now lives on the Suffolk Coast with her husband Ashley.

For many years she was a Diabetes Specialist Sister and after retirement spent some time as a presenter on a local Community Radio station.

Over the years Chrissie has written several short stories but it is the first time she has submitted any for publishing.

The idea for these stories came about after she was out walking in the woods. She saw a fairy door carved into a tree and decided to write a story for the two youngest grandchildren about the fairies who lived in the fairy house.  One story led to another and with the encouragement of her husband she decided to have them published.

She believes that all little children should be given the opportunity to have an insight into the world of childhood fantasy and magic. With that in mind the stories tell of how the fairies help to keep children safe during the pandemic, hold birthday parties, get lost, make new friends and help to save us from pirates.

Olivia and Max discover the magic of make believe as they find a fairy house in the Old Willow Tree.Childrens Book Publisher

The fairies have had a very busy time helping young children to feel safe during the pandemic, holding birthday parties, getting lost, making new friends and helping to save us from pirates.

These are fairy stories with a difference that will allow little children everywhere an insight into the world of childhood fantasy and imagination.

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Review by Khyati Gautam – book blogger, content writer, book marketer, content strategist.

“Chrissie has taken up this project and did it really well. The book has ample illustrations to complement the engaging text. In a nutshell, the book is a perfect gift for children. And even if you’re an adult but would want to read something light and interesting, pick this one up for the pleasure reading.”

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Charlie Wilson interviews Chrissie about her new book.

Interview was done on Thursday, 24th September and will be broadcast on Friday 16th October on Harbour Radio Great Yarmouth between 2-4pm on FM 107.4.