M Stevens spent six years assessing documents for funding before becoming a Bid Writer. This entailed writing proposals and applications for charitable groups to help them access grants for their projects. A progression from this led to training others on how to write a sustainable project that could procure a contract. In recent years employment has come through supporting clients firstly with significant autism and currently assisting those with reduced mobility.

M Stevens has also volunteered in a string of local projects, the most notable involved spending 7 years managing a small charitable group. This predominantly involved going around the streets engaging with hard to reach groups such as addicts and rough sleepers. Over time this led to progressing some into residential centres or signposting to support services.

Why Write Fiction?  I wanted to write fiction for ages but for years I just settled for writing witty e-mails.  Being stuck on furlough gave me time to actually sit down and put pen to paper.  Admittedly I still use a fountain pen to write and then have the unenviable task of trying to read my own hand writing as I type it all up.

After a disastrous Christmas Eve where Santa and his elf Roy only just managed to complete all their deliveries, he is now ready for retirement. 

To do that he must find a replacement for himself who Roy can train up.  Can Roy get the person ready to work in the mall in the run up to Christmas and take on deliveries to the most notorious street in North America?

Well there is one, but he needs help when bundling into the wrong chimney. 

He also needs a team who can pick up the pieces when his calamitous attempts to deliver gifts goes horribly wrong.

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