I’m originally from Birmingham and Sharon was born in Halifax (West Yorkshire); we both worked for the same organisation and met when our individual departments were moved from different locations into the same new premises (in a renovated mill). The first time we spoke was beside a coffee machine (a cliche, but true) and it was an instant attraction although we did spend a lot of time becoming friends before either of us admitted it. As time went on we got to the point where we just wanted to be together but there were things that needed to be sorted out and we had to be patient and wait. The pieces I wrote for Sharon in the original notebook, (which form the majority of the book) were written around this time, hence the themes of waiting and wanting. Eventually we were together, as evidenced by the last few pieces in the book, written some months later than the first notebook. We both loved music (not necessarily always the same music, but a lot of the same stuff); we both loved reading, Sharon was always great with words – song lyrics, poems, she did The Times Crossword every day; we just loved spending our time together. I still live in West Yorkshire.

Almost 30 years ago the author met his true love, his split-apart, his future wife. He captured their thoughts and feelings in pieces of verse and prose and wrote them in a notebook.

They were together until May 2021 when Sharon passed away, losing her battle with cancer.

Whilst sorting through some boxes he found the notebook that had been safely stored away for three decades. On re-reading the words, 30 years after they were written, he realised that the feelings from that time…… most strongly, the feeling of simply wanting to be together……were echoed in his grief…… just wishing that they could be together right now.

This book presents those echoed words..

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