No I Will is Richard’s first book and is a very honest account of his experiences raising his son who has special needs, a roller coaster of tears and frustrations followed by laughter and pure joy.

Richard’s motivation for writing this book was to help shine a light on the difficulties parents in similar situations face on a daily basis but ultimately to give hope.

‘No I Will’ is a father’s own story of his experiences raising a special child. It is a searingly honest account of his struggles and the challenges he faced. It is heartfelt and uplifting, incredibly moving and full of laugh out loud humour.

“I don’t believe any parent, if they had the choice, would choose a physical or mental handicap for their child. No parent wants their child to suffer. But despite my son’s limitations, he inspires me every day. He is innocence personified and sees the world as the truly wonderful and magical place that it is. He reminds me how to have fun, to find humour in everything and show kindness to everyone.”

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News Articles

Stour and Avon Magazine – September 7th 2018.

Bournemouth Echo- 17th November 2018.

Article in Unique- November 2018.

Article from the December 2018 edition Forum Focus magazine.

June 2019- At his home in Dorset, Nia chats to author and father of twins, Richard Matthews. His memoir ‘No I Will’ is not only a searingly honest account of raising his son Will who has additional needs but the story of a remarkable family. Born with an extra male chromosome, William has impacted the lives of those who know and love him (not to mention everyone he meets) with his unique take on life. Having read ‘No I Will’ Nia was eager to sit down for a chat with Richard, the icing on the cake was meeting William who also makes an appearance in this instalment of Fishing For The Truth! Please watch and share this video, my hope is that you’ll feel inspired to read this uplifting, moving and often funny account for yourself (see links below for where you can purchase the book).

*Music- ‘Truth’ written and performed by Pari Shahmir