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Richard Hardaker has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience within the Close Protection (CP) sector and has provided CP to the Foreign Office and assignments at NATO, Cyprus and during the first Gulf War. He is currently Head of Protective Security Detail Operations in the United Kingdom.

Close Protection (CP) is renowned for its excellence in providing top level protection to many levels of society. The fact that CP is being used in the first place means that there is a real risk to the person being protected.

Providing the right calibre of individual or team is necessary to ensure that the correct concentric level(s) of security is measurable to the threat.

This book is aimed at those who aspire to be managers, team leaders or supervisors with the responsibility of recruitment and selection of a team.

Having a CP licence is merely the first step...

For 2,500 years academics and historians had concluded that Ramesses II was Pharaoh of the Exodus when the Israelites left Egypt, but there was no evidence in support of that theory and every reason to disbelieve it, which led to the observation that the whole story was just a myth.

This book takes a new look at the historical events and, using all the information available from the Bible and Egyptian record, it has been possible to now show what actually happened and when.

Colin Jaque lives in London and is a solicitor specialising in commercial litigation.

Having studied ancient Egyptian history he felt compelled to correct hitherto unchallenged beliefs which he believes are unfounded.

This is a story of an alert member of the public who had his life and that of his family changed having notified the police of the whereabouts of the hideout of the Great Train Robbers.

Within days his notoriety had spread worldwide and this began years of constant pressure, physical threats to him and his family, trauma and anxiety. He had to take precautions at work in the hope of preventing an attack whilst working alone.

Because of his careful detail in the evidence which he gave at the trial he was subjected to an attempt to frame him on a charge of perjury. Eventually he pondered the question, If a similar situation arose, would he act in the same way?

John Maris was born in Leyton, London in 1929, he moved with his family to Buckinghamshire in 1940 to escape the German bombing. He became interested in farming and later went to an agricultural college and began a career in agriculture. Whilst working as a herdsman at a farm in Oakley, Buckinghamshire, John made a discovery that was to change his life, forever.