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George Chittenden began his writing career after reading an Australian best-selling novel that he considered to be awful.  Thinking that he could do better he put pen to paper and within weeks had discovered his calling in life.

George considers his latest novel to be his most ambitious and best yet.

After decades of attacking Royal Navy ships the world’s most ruthless pirate Alfred Mudd finally dies, bringing his reign of terror to an end, but Captain Mudd’s lifetime of success leaves a deadly legacy, and a treasure haul large enough to finance a war for control of Europe.  

So begins a race for the treasure between the British and French navies, a race that will see Admiral Saunders lead a squadron of ships across the Atlantic, around the dreaded Cape Horn and through the most dangerous seas on earth on the most important mission in the Royal Navy’s

George Bell now lives in Spain and after a lifetime of diving experiences, he thought his exciting and interesting life might be of interest to others.

His stories include:

Being chased by a killer whale, being attacked by a huge octopus, finding large amounts of gold and silver on sunken wrecks, locating huge hauls of copper worth millions and tankers full of crude oil.

As if that wasn’t enough, he has dived with Great White Sharks, battled extreme weather conditions including Tsunamis and has experienced frightening near misses and exciting rescues.

Add to that locating historic shipwrecks and fishing for strange and valuable creatures

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WARNING. This book contains scenes of edge of the seat excitement, heroic bravery and extreme silliness.

You are about to meet Gluper. Strap yourself in as he takes you across the universe and beyond to strange new worlds.

Have you ever wondered what an alien would eat?  Have you ever wondered what animals live on an alien world?

The answers to all these questions are inside.

Martin Dade has always enjoyed words and sees them as fantastic building blocks to be arranged into anything that you can imagine.

He can’t remember a joke but has a head full of witty remarks and one liners.  Growing up with the silliness of Monty Python and the word play of The Two Ronnies fuelled his love of comedy and after a bad accident he had the time to put his love of words and comedy together in an adventure for his children. Now it’s time to share.

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