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This time Charlie and her friends may have bitten off more than they can chew, as they track down a kidnapper and murderer.

In this, the first full-length Charlie Holmes novel, they undergo grave peril as they chase the criminal across the country. The action takes our heroine from her home in the home counties to the north of England and finally to the north of Scotland where the final confrontation takes place.

Will they catch the cunning perpetrator? Will they all survive?  And will Charlie get back in time to complete her homework for school?

Paul Robinson has been working with children with special needs and deaf children in particular for forty years.

He has always enjoyed writing and the inspiration for his books comes from his interest in reading Sherlock Holmes stories.

Six stories of forbidden desires and steamy scenes of passion, lust and risk. From dangerous liaisons behind the bars of a maximum security prison, to the almost unimaginably daring rendezvous in an Italian doctor's consulting room.

This book contains detailed descriptions of very sexy scenarios described in explicit, adult language so it is not for the faint hearted, and certainly not for the prudish.

The stories will keep you turning the pages as your heart rate quickens and a must read for anyone who enjoys a good story line with a very generous dose of erotica.

Melanie Silverton writes erotic stories and her book; “Secrets, Lies and Lust” comprises six stories of forbidden desires and steamy scenes of passion, lust and risk.

Melanie Silverton

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Sophie’s book contains over 30 American classic recipes re-created following a plant-based diet/lifestyle excluding wheat, gluten, egg, dairy and yeast.

Her inspiration came from what she saw and ate whilst travelling on Route 66 and her dishes are just a base for readers to cook up their own amazing creations and variations on this type of cuisine.  It also enables others like Sophie to enjoy the traditional favourites of America. These recipes are adaptable to any diet! You can use different ingredients and still create amazing dishes.

Sophie’s book provides advice when eating in restaurant and includes many recipes which she has used.

She has always enjoyed food so by using her cooking skills and knowledge she has recreate the food she was unable to enjoy whilst travelling due to her allergies.

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