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This is Richard Matthew’s first book and is a very honest account of his experiences raising his son who has special needs, a roller coaster of tears and frustrations followed by laughter and pure joy.

Richard’s motivation for writing this book was to help shine a light on the difficulties parents in similar situations face on a daily basis but ultimately to give hope.

‘No I Will’ is a father’s own story of his experiences raising a special child. It is a searingly honest account of his struggles and the challenges he faced. It is heartfelt and uplifting, incredibly moving and full of laugh out loud humour.

“I don’t believe any parent, if they had the choice, would choose a physical or mental handicap for their child. No parent wants their child to suffer. But despite my son’s limitations, he inspires me every day. He is innocence personified and sees the world as the truly wonderful and magical place that it is. He reminds me how to have fun, to find humour in everything and show kindness to everyone.”

With a very limited knowledge of the Italian language the author managed to settle into everyday life and pursue the activities of walking, cycling and exploring the architecture of both Liguria and places further afield.

He expanded his experiences of the routine of shopping, the preparation of at least three different pasta dishes as well as inadvertently finding ways to be fined as he travelled by train. His spoken Italian did not get far beyond the important phrases of 'due birra' and 'cappucino et brioches' but he did learn to understand much of what he heard.

In addition he travelled to other regions in Italy and the neighbouring countries of France, Switzerland and Austria.

The reserved alien spirits visiting Earth were hoping for a secretive, successful search of their ancestors, but as their space pods entered Earth's atmosphere they were instantly detected by the diligent workforce of Skylights, the International Space Station.

As the four alien pods landed in different areas around the Tropic of Cancer, one of the pods veered off-course towards the islands of Hawaii, initiating a deadly hunt. The US Pentagon kept the intrusion quiet but the President was incensed by the incursion.

At the same time, a Los Angeles Police Inspector's investigations were dealing with the deaths of three young teenagers, a missing UCLA student in Hawaii and the US military who were monitoring the aliens’ presence.  This gave the LAPI the edge to identify exactly who was to blame for the deaths of the teenagers.

Johan Minto lives in Yorkshire with her husband.

She has travelled extensively across Europe, and America savouring the delights of the variety of people’s culture and traditions.

This is her fourth book

After living and working in both England and Australia DJ Maris moved to Liguria in Italy to teach mathematics. Originally on a two-year contract, he stayed for a total of seven years.

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