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This amazing book cuts through all the hot air and small talk by simply getting down to the business of self-achievement and the realisation of your goals.  

It is packed with the power and potential to help you accomplish so much in your life.

Its pocket size allows you to carry it around on a regular basis. Read and refer to it frequently, while using its simple concepts daily as an aid to fulfilling your desires and dreams.                                                                                       

Robert Russell is a leading personal development consultant and motivational trainer

He specialises in helping people resolve personal concerns and building inner drive and motivation to achieve goals.

His clients include many high profile public and sporting celebrities.


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Danny Gill was born and bred in the old slum tenements in Glasgow’s South Side.  His years as a bricklayer took him half way round the world.

Danny’s story recounts his travels, the ladies in his life and his fondness for a drink and tells of his life in Irish politics resulting in death threats against him.

After a career of 46 years, a combination of wear and tear coupled with the worst recession in living memory forced him into retirement but he never regrets a moment.

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