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Kathryn Phillips

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This delightful book of poems

Will touch your heart and bring you

Thoughts of inspiration, empowerment

And consolment, often funny and quirky too

Helping to lift your spirit and cheer you up

Kathryn Phillips lives in Wales and loves writing poetry.  She has written several books of poems which are warm and inspirational.

Nadine Hanwell began her acting career at the age of 12.  In early adulthood she played Marilyn Hope, a regular in Crossroads TV soap.

She is now Director/ Producer of Nadine’s Window theatre company.

Join Nadine and her Doberman, Shoe, into the heart of the capital and savour a slice of life in West London.  Escape into the lush green world of Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and walk along the Serpentine.  See the less beautiful side with the ‘Can people’ of Shepherd’s Bush.

Laugh at Shoe, the picnic thief extraordinaire!

This is the year that made history… A little life in London!

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