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Steven Kent has always had a great deal of enjoyment from painting in watercolour and oil paints whenever he had the chance.  

In recent years he found himself taking on the joy of writing after listening to the wonderful imagination and laughter of his daughter when she is playing.

Marcus Culverwell has a Master’s degree in education and is a head teacher in Surrey.

As a founder member of the education for social responsibility (ESR) working group, Marcus is helping to promote the importance of education for social responsibility across the education sector.

Catrienne MaGuire worked within the NHS for many years specialising in mental health, and the ideas for her books are based on the varied life stories she experienced from working on the front line with people.

Henry the horse is sad because he’s never had the chance to become a splendid racehorse. So Emily organises a race for all the animals at Cherry Tree Farm.

A funny and exciting story for young readers

Developed world economies have grown rich by exploiting the poor and causing untold damage to planet earth's human carrying capacity.

This book will open the eyes of the reader to the great inequalities and also the ecological damage caused by an unsustainable and immoral economic model and it will challenge them to do their bit to put it right..   More

Catrienne McGuire

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A young girl is determined to fight back against those she believed saw her as an entity not a person and describes her fight against the control mechanisms around her abuse.

Although she tries to move on, her drive to feel human again is thwarted at every stage by someone from her past.  

Her story is  filled with emotion and you will want to help her fight to stop those who wish to control her.  

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