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This semi-autobiographical account records events that unfolded during the particularly dynamic cultural revolution of the fifties, sixties and seventies before the pattern of behaviour known as Asperger’s Syndrome was widely recognised.

The author traces and describes manifestations of this developmental condition throughout several generations of her own maternal line and describes in poignant detail the difficulties of living with this often misunderstood condition.

Lynne grew up in Huddersfield at a time when disability and class prejudices were rife.  She has a nursing, counselling and teaching background and has undertaken research into statins and memory loss and is currently researching for a book she is writing on the Madness of Steroids.

She has received a number of awards including the Open University Student Award and has, in the past, been nominated for the Yorkshire Television Awards.

Together with her husband, Michael, who has an architectural and teaching background, she set up a number of initiatives in the community.  They are also trustees of a registered charity they founded which focuses on supporting families caring at home for relatives who have an acquired or inherited brain injury.

Michael grew up in a poor-family in a relatively poor but socially coherent village community set in the heart of agricultural Suffolk. He trained as an architect and landscape architect, later teaching students of architectural and building conservation.

Together with his wife, Lynne, they founded a charity to support families caring at home for sufferers of brain injury.

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Child of the Diaspora is about discovering the hidden and horrific events that lay behind the author’s idyllic childhood in rural Suffolk from the end of World War Two. Parental discord led to a permanent parental rift and it was only later in life that he looked deeper into his family roots and questioned the assumptions he had made whenhe was younger.

He discovered that his late mother had escaped from Nazi-occupied Austria just prior to the commencement of the war and played a crucial role in the war-effort. His father’s story, including his crucial role in the D-day landings, will follow in the sequel to this book.

A young boy is diagnosed with diabetes at a very early age. Frightened and hardly able to understand the implications, he suddenly discovers a VERY unusual side effect. Charlie Green is the modern day Dr. Dolittle.

He CAN talk to the animals.

Follow Charlie as he begins to discover the extent of his new 'talent', and laugh out loud at some of his escapades and the scrapes he unwittingly gets himself into.

Cliff Peters

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