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Andy Holligan is an independent business owner in his native Great Britain.

He has been involved in Multi level Marketing since 1995. His interests include playing chess, outdoor pursuits, studying military history, reading and dining out.

This book illuminates the journeys of Saint Paul in Roman Asia Minor in a way that has not previously been attempted and the discussion presented here is in no way an effort to discuss various aspects of Saint Paul’s theology.

Saint Paul was reticent with the details of his journeys and this has given rise to much subsequent learned speculation as to their actual course and possible deviations.

E. Lennox Manton is a retired dental surgeon who now lives in Stirling, Scotland. He has long been interested in the ramifications of the Roman Empire and to this extent has visited the Roman sites in North Africa.

The Road to Belvedere describes everyday life in the Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic), examines everyday life on the island popularly known as ‘the nature island of the Caribbean’.

There have been books on everyday life in Dominica covering the 1930s, and early 60s, but this book reaches up to the 21st century to provide a local Dominican point of view of life on the island through interviews with people representing a range of professions, and, includes Popeau’s own observations on island life and the issues facing Dominicans.

Jean Baptiste Popeau is a retired teacher and lives in London.

He has travelled widely and written books and theses on African and Caribbean Culture.

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Holligan explores the connection between the subconscious mind and self-esteem before expanding his focus to consider the effects of both positive and negative emotions. Outside influences, including media, are also examined, and the reader finds practical, results-oriented advice on controlling what we allow to shape our lives.

Emphasising the importance of visualisation and a positive mental attitude, Holligan reminds us that God created each individual without setting limits on what we can achieve. Our limitations are self-imposed and we can remove these barriers and free ourselves to achieve the success to which God calls each of us.