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William D. Kennedy was brought up on a farm in Shropshire and this book grew out of his interest in family and local history.

His research led him to find a bigger story than merely rags to riches. He found these families and their connections linked to many events that took place during the Victorian era.  

The ‘Highland Clearances’ have become one of the best known events of Scottish history but the movement of people from the south was equally disruptive, if not quite so dramatic in its execution.

This book chronicles the lives of members of four families from Galloway in South West Scotland, who left to ‘better themselves’. A brief introduction to the history of the Glenkens area of Galloway and an outline of the development of Manchester and  the Lancashire cotton trade leads the reader through their early years in business towards their eventual domination of the fine cotton spinning industry centred in that city.

Jane Oragui, was born in the Northern Part of Nigeria and began writing this book in 2006 while in Cairo.

She is currently working on part two and will resume her mission trips as the Lord will direct her in the future.

I have had heavenly visions that have acted as a guide in my life towards my calling and the ministry. To be precise, in one of them the Lord told me; “Everything that you will go through, is for you to teach others". Pointing to the angels on his right and left, he said; "Go with the angels and they will show you what to do."

Surprisingly, he has led me as a missionary to Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Kenya.  I have gone through life and phases and made so many sacrifices that have cost me but I am proud to share my experiences.

Robina Jax

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This is a true story about the author who developed Dissociative Identity Disorder. The first was the loving wife and mother and the second was the woman who got caught up in the world of prostitution as a high class escort in Cheshire.

There were times of laughter and great sorrow but her two lives eventually took their toll.

This is the true story of Robina Jax  who led a double life after being drawn into the escort world, which she believed she came to  enjoy.

She describes in detail, never before revealed, the true extent of the debauchery and orgies in which she participated to satisfy  both men and occasionally women.

Most of us imagine we know what the world of a high class escort entails but this book takes the lid off the extent of the licentious desires and sexual fantasies she encountered and the eventual toll it took.