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Ethan Ross, has a wealth of experience in espionage and personal security. All his books are base on personal experiences.

Ethan Ross

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Oren Hammerquist is from the USA and is married with four children.

Although “Hindsights” is a work of science fiction, he hopes his novel is broad enough in its appeal to cross genres.

He is presently serving in the US army in Germany.

In a near-future Seattle-based world, psychics form a key part of society--filling useful roles in police investigations, fortune-500 companies, anthropology, and anything you can imagine.

Nathan Wald, once a child prodigy, now battles with far more human needs. His special talent makes him a human lie detector but he quickly finds that knowing a lie doesn't necessarily give him the truth.

Nathan struggles to find his place in society, a society driven in many directions by hate, fear, hidden agendas, and the personally unreachable goal of just being normal.

An emotional and compelling read.

The systematic destruction of several key US diplomatic installations in the Middle East by a ruthless terrorist campaign and the kidnapping of Charles Perez, the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, forced the President to act.

Jack Copeland is former British SAS now employed by the Americans to spearhead the anti-terrorist group ‘Scorpion’. The rescue mission cost lives, and Copeland realised that he was losing the support of the very people who had placed him in this position.

He had a hidden agenda that he knew needed the support and approval of his Commander-in-Chief, the President of the USA; he also knew that in order for the plan to succeed, there was one other person to whom he needed to turn…

Everywhere You look, the media have injected their consumerism agenda into Your mind with imagery, logos, adverts, jingles… the list goes on. Buy this, do that, look like this, think like that etc, etc.

What You constantly think about is what You ultimately attract so why not program Your own Mind instead of allowing it to be programmed unknowingly or subconsciously by others trained to do so!

This book provides a haven for You to explore the unique Genius in You by creating your own imagery, logos, adverts and reminders of what You truly want to manifest!

Anthea Davidson-Jarrett was born in Greenwich and grew up in Bromley, Kent. She is an avid traveller, vocalist and parent, enthusiastic primary school teacher and a Montessorian who has taught globally.

Anthea is also a keen writer and is currently working on a series of children’s books she hopes to publish in the near future.