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BRAVE NEW EUROPE – Coming soon!

By 18 September 2016May 18th, 2022No Comments

An absolute MUST for those who wonder how the EU came about and what its true intentions are.  Author Mick Greenhough has thoroughly researched the long history from its very early beginnings in the 1920s to the present day and it makes for essential reading.

Supported by actual documents long hidden but recently uncovered Greenhough shows that the United Kingdom’s exit has dealt a significant blow to the true goals of the EU formulated 70 years ago by Germany and having steadily, and he suggests stealthily, gained ground in each decade.

Greenhough believes history will show the significance of the UK referendum in 2016 and that Brexit will deal a mortal blow to the aspirations of the unelected elite who run the EU.

Whether an EU supporter or Eurosceptic, you cannot let your bias prevent you from at least reading what he has to say and reviewing the authentic documents that have been uncovered.  Greenhough requests that you simply read it and then make up your mind.

You won’t have long to wait as it is planned for release at the end of October.

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