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“Save Yourself”   by    Claudia Gabriela Felecan

We all have to make the best we can of life and succeed through our own inner strength.The message this book is intended to convey is that you should never give up on yourself, even if everyone else does, because only you are your best friend.

From the moment you give yourself a chance, you will discover true friends and people who believe in you.. Against all odds they will give you wings to fly to places where your soul will flourish and you will learn to love yourself.

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Paperback (A5) - ISBN:  978-1-912505-57-9   [RRP £10.99]

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Claudia came to the UK from an ex-communist country with a childhood filled with doctrines and fears.

In her book she wants to pass on the message that no matter what you go through, it is important to show understanding and forgiveness, in order to move forward.

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