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A4 (297 x 210 mm) ISBN: 978-1-911090-77-9 [RRP £10.95]

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“Striving For Perfection”  by  Colin Jaque

For 2,500 years academics and historians had concluded that Ramesses II was Pharaoh of the Exodus when the Israelites left Egypt, but there was no evidence in support of that theory and every reason to disbelieve it, which led to the observation that the whole story was just a myth.

This book takes a new look at the historical events and, using all the information available from the Bible and Egyptian record, it has been possible to now show what actually happened and when.





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Colin Jaque lives in London and is a solicitor specialising in commercial litigation.

Having studied ancient Egyptian history he felt compelled to correct hitherto unchallenged beliefs which he believes are unfounded.

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