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Confessions of an Alcoholic Backpacker – Ashley Moralee

By 18 March 2019May 18th, 2022No Comments

Introducing the new title, Confessions of an Alcoholic Backpacker, an account of Ashley Moralee’s travels around the world whilst dealing with alcohol and drug abuse.

Living with addictions can be a wild ride as an off the beaten track world traveller. Even9781912505364 though life will chew you up and spit you out in the most horrendous ways, the randomness of not having a secure home mixed with the fuel of substance abuse will provide you with mind expanding life situations that make things more than a little interesting.

Here I have recorded some of my more brutal and unusual situations as a solo traveller struggling with addictions and give insight into the consequences that life entails. Also you will gain invaluable knowledge on some of the securities you need to take whilst living and hanging out with strangers in foreign lands, how to notice different street tricksters and understand some of the techniques they use to ensnare you.

I realised my 17 year long Journey that has seen me charging all over the planet on a rock and roll life style had to come to an end for my own survival. For years I literally did not know what the hell it would take. Nothing seemed to kill me or halt my destructive ways that was until I recently returned from the Far East and I want to share what I have learnt with you.

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