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“Gluper The Alien” – Martin Dade

By 9 November 2015May 18th, 2022No Comments

Introducing the new title from author Martin Dade, meet “Gluper The Alien”

WARNING. This book contains scenes of edge of the seat excitement, heroic bravery and 2015-11-06 Front Coverextreme silliness.

You are about to meet Gluper. Strap yourself in as he takes you across the universe and beyond to strange new worlds as well as the strangest planet of all, Earth.

Have you ever wondered what an alien would eat?  Have you ever wondered what animals live on an alien world?

The answers to all these questions are inside as well as the answer to the question that everyone asks, why does Gluper have triangular boots?

For more information about the author and Gluper please click Here and to purchase your copy of this book click Here

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