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I Blame Lisa! by Ted Roudelle

By 21 November 2016May 18th, 2022No Comments

Following the success of “I Blame Alfie!” and “I Blame Sohpie!” we are pleased to be able to introduce the third title from author Ted Roudelle, ! “Blame Lisa! ..for attempted murder, mayhem and mob rule on a caravan site in historic Windsor”.

This is the true, real-life and dramatic account of a community living on a caravan site 9781911090410literally just a stone’s throw from the pomp and pageantry of the Queen’s historic residence of Windsor.

It was home to an outrageous collection of characters.

They included a heartbroken lion tamer, manic depressive, cross-dresser, drugs brothers, porn king and queen, religious zealot, convicted criminal, opera singer, crooner, a loving but indiscreet lesbian couple and a former Dr. Barnado’s boy with a chip on his shoulder.

When the company which owned the land decided to redevelop the site and evict everybody it caused chaos. The decision sparked emotions ranging from heartbreak and anger to tears and despair.

It led to attempted murder, embezzlement, criminal damage and mob rule.

In the words of PC Michelle Race of Thames Valley Police (Windsor Division): “Things like this do not happen in Windsor.”

I Blame Lisa! reveals how a once fun-filled community can so easily be transformed into one of hate and abuse to expose the dark, sinister side of human nature.

And how valued, trusting relationships can be destroyed by lies, deceit and evil.

For more information and to purchase your copy please click Here.

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