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“Indigo Lost”  by  S R Summers

Don’t think. Just run.

When what lies ahead is less fearful than what lies behind, and west-coast unknowns less terrifying than east-side tragedies, there is no choice other than the one through the window at the end of a third-floor police station corridor.

Without another thought, the girl runs. Her jump will take her to the street below, to encounters with humanity that will both shock and save her, to the girl she becomes – the one who knows how to fight, but also survive, even shine, in the darkest places.

She does not go unnoticed. The mob boss, the ruler of Vegas, has seen her. But she is not ready to be seen.  And this time there is no corridor, and no window.  

S. R. Summers was born in the West Midlands in England.

After graduating from Cambridge, she ran an e-commerce business before moving to Belgium to work in TV and journalism. She now owns and runs an independent café in Leamington Spa, where she lives and writes.

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