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“A Soldier of the Empire” by  Lawrence Brodley

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Grandson of SSM Ben Badcock, MC, Devon author Lawrence Brodley incisively sets his grandfather's life, in peace and war, alongside macro-historical events.  In so doing he has created a sensitive, authentic trilogy that provides new and authoritative historical insights into family and service life from 1867

Unsung WW1 hero; the "First" Military Cross; Member of the French "Legion d'Honneur"; and chief-clerk/confidante/mentor to the Prince-of-Wales on "The Western Front"; SSM Ben Badcock  (1880 -1964) was truly "A Soldier of the Empire."

Born in a tent on Mt. Troodos, Cyprus; sixth of ten barrack-brats; Ben was destined to be a soldier. So, under-age, and in Ireland, he enlisted in 1897. Then, after sixteen years (seven in South Africa  - "Boer War" (1899-1901) and 1905-10; six in Devonport (1901-05); and five in Aldershot/Blackdown (1897 and from 1910) by 1914 he felt ready for war.   But nothing had prepared him, the British Army, or the world for what was to come!

Authentically, authoritatively and sensitively told by Ben and his grandson, Ben's unique story deserves to be read.

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