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The Grasping the POOR PERFORMANCE Nettle book is a practical, no nonsense, step by step guide to tackling Poor Performance, Unacceptable Behaviour and Poor Attendance in the workplace.

Using the performance management tools outlined in the book and by following the GRASPING the Nettle steps, managers will be able to address performance, behaviour and attendance issues fairly and professionally.

The eBook version has been formatted as an easy reference, procedures manual for PCs, tablets and smart phones. It is a must read/download for every people manager.

The GRASPING the Nettle approach to tackling poor performance:

Gather the facts

Review the facts and identify the big issues

Arrange a meeting

Sit down with the person and discuss

Put together improvement actions/ plan

Inform others in what you have done

Notate everything!

Get ready for some fallout

Anthony Dance