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Mick Greenhough exposes the origins and real goals of the EU in his new book “Brave New Europe”.

By 27 February 2017May 18th, 2022No Comments

Mick Greenhough is a chartered mechanical 9781911090489engineer who became concerned at what was happening in Brussels and decided to research the origins of the EU.

What he found horrified him so he decided to publish this book to make others aware of his findings.

He says: After studying the history of the EU intently, I wrote this book when it became very clear to me that the government and other ‘Remainers’ were either deliberately lying to us or they did not have much idea what the EU is about. The few MPs I spoke to either had a very sketchy understanding of the EU with many blank areas of knowledge or were in a state of complete denial.

This not a normal book with a flowing narrative. It is a compilation of relevant articles, comments and quotes that combine to inform and point in a direction. Like pieces of a jigsaw they fit together to give the whole picture.

The references have all been in the public domain for many months or years without any objections or contradictions.

The BBC and the main stream media were so biased against Brexit with their predictions of the consequences becoming farcical that one must ask why they are so pro EU?
Clearly, the voting public simply did not believe them and this lack of trust in the BBC and media must now be a cause of great concern.

Much of the information within this book will come as a surprise, even shock to new readers. When you have read it then form your own conclusion as to the nature of the EU and whether the British public were right to reject it.

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