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“Nat Gould – The Biography” by Tom Askey

By 28 March 2017May 18th, 2022No Comments

Introducing the second book by author Tom Askey Nat Gould – The Biography.

Nat Gould 1857-1919 wrote a vast quantity of stories. 9781911090601

His novels sold in tens of millions over the years many in several editions.

Some were filmed. Yet little was known of the man behind the image that he created of himself – a hearty sportsman, devoted to horses and to the racecourse – in passages scattered through four books.

Not always with total accuracy, but then in writing of himself no man is ever on oath.

Now this first biography reveals a larger picture, his background and family, friends with whom he caroused, employers with whom he quarrelled, setbacks overcome. Knowing him better makes him even more fascinating.

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