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New book soon to be released – Grid-connected & Standalone Solar System Design by Phineas Malunjwa

By 19 September 2018May 18th, 2022No Comments

Born on 29th of March 1943, in Nyamandlovu District, near Bulawayo city, Zimbabwe, Phineas S. Malunjwa obtained his Masters of Science degree (Electrical Eng.) in 1985.
He worked for 9 years as a senior electrical building services engineer in the Public Works Department (Zimbabwe) and was involved in the design and inspection of solar energy projects. In addition he organized and chaired meetings, on solar energy projects, with engineers from the Public Works Department (Zimbabwe) and the Department of Energy (Zimbabwe).

From 12th to 16th February 1996, Phineas participated in a UNESCO sponsored sub-regional workshop entitled “Renewable Energy Sources”, held at SIRDC (Scientific & Industrial Research & Development Centre), Harare, Zimbabwe.

His interest in solar energy (as renewable energy) led him to write this book aimed at designers and installers to assist them in making the most informed decisions when designing and installing P.V. (photo voltaic) systems.

Out at the end of September 2018.

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