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New Title From Author Adib Ben Jebara

By 2 July 2015May 18th, 2022No Comments

Just a quick note to announce a new book from author Adib Ben Jebara, watch out for the new title “A Philosophy For Scientists”.

Hopefully due out mid to late August.

More information to follow.

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  • This book sounds like a very interesting book.

  • Adib Ben Jebara says:

    Thank you from the author.
    For the first time in the History of mankind afterlife is proven to exist in some way.

  • A spark of truth
    A soul is partly made of thoughts
    Thoughts are mathematical waves
    What is mathematical is eternal (“non périssable”)
    Thus souls are immortal
    Afterlife is for souls, not for bodies

    Fermat (1601-1665) did have a proof for Fermat Last Theorem,
    which was not found because of an intellectual planet Middle Age
    since half a century.
    Adib Ben Jebara

  • Adib Ben Jebara says:

    With afterlife being no more a matter of faith, there is a new intellectual horizon.

  • Adib Ben Jebara says:

    Adjacent disciplines intermingling will boost research.

  • Adib Ben Jebara says:

    Without considering intuition, discussion and research are sterilized.

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