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Now Released – “A Philosophy For Scientists” by Adib Ben Jebara

By 2 September 2015May 18th, 2022No Comments

9781910176764Author pic-croppedFollowing our earlier announcement of the publishing of his new book, we are pleased to announce its release this week.

Adib Ben Jebara is a statistician and the author of 5 books written in French and the book provides a philosophical approach to Fermat Last Theorem.  It is directed at scientific and mathematical specialists and those with a specific interest in Fermat .

He describes the contents as:

A spark of truth.
A soul is partly made of thoughts.
Thoughts are mathematical waves.
Anything mathematical is eternal?
Thus souls are immortal.
Afterlife is for souls, not for bodies.
Fermat (1601-1665) did have a proof
for Fermat Last Theorem, which was
not found because of an intellectual
planet – Middle Age for half a century.

Hundreds of universities and scientific based institutes have been notified of its upcoming release and we wish him well in this thought provoking booklet.

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