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Official Press Release: Yolanda

By 1 October 2015May 18th, 2022No Comments

9781910176740Yolanda: Uplifting New Novel Whisks Readers to the Algarve, Proving Love Can Cure All

Ester de Sousa e Sá’s ‘Yolanda’ is part portrait of tragedy, and part showcase of redemption; a story of love found in the most unlikely of circumstances. Drawn to Portugal in the wake of great loss, young Yolanda’s life is about to be turned upside down by the most unexpected of men – encapsulating her entire reason to carry on living.


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United Kingdom – While millions turn to dating websites and force themselves to mingle with the opposite sex, most eventually discover that love actually comes from the most unexpected of places – often when they are least ready for it. In her compelling new novel, author Ester de Sousa e Sá takes readers over to her native Portugal to prove this point with gripping aplomb.

‘Yolanda’ goes full circle in life’s journey of grief; a true display of love’s ability to drag people from their darkest of days into a blissful new hope.


Yolanda is a warm loving young woman who has suffered a great loss. Feeling heartbroken and physically drained she decides to take leave of absence and travel to Portugal. She sees Hamilton Spencer for the first time in unusual circumstances. Was it pure coincidence or was it the hand of destiny playing a part in bringing them together? As the story unfolds we travel with Yolanda through the beautiful unspoilt Costa Vicentina, the western coast of the Algarve. Love is the essence of life! Love cures all! Away from her familiar surroundings in a different country does Yolanda find again a reason to live?

“Even though it is my native land, I am still knocked back each time I travel, by Portugal’s natural wonders and spiritual beauty” explains Ester, who spent the majority of her childhood in Southern Africa. “It’s one of those places people visit for all kinds of reasons, especially when they are overcome by grief and feel like they want to travel to another world.”

Continuing, “Therefore, it’s the perfect playground for the most unexpected of life-changing surprises. Yolanda only visits for a short break, but what she discovers could just change the course of her life forever – and for the better!”

‘Yolanda’, from ShieldCrest Publishing, is available now:

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ISBN:    978-1-910176-74-0

eISBN:   978-1-910176-85-6

Paperback Retail price: £9.99

eBook Price:  £3.99


About the Author:

Although born in Portugal, Ester lived in Southern Africa for forty four years. It was a life experience which enriched her walk on earth. She was brought up in an English colony where Ester did her studies and later initiated her banking career, married and raised a family. Ester says: Everything I do in life, I do with passion!

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