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8” x 5” (203 x 127 mm) ISBN: 978-1-911090-76-2 [RRP £14.99]

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“Hindsights”  by  Oren Hammerquist

In a near-future Seattle-based world, psychics form a key part of society--filling useful roles in police investigations, fortune-500 companies, anthropology, and anything you can imagine.

Nathan Wald, once a child prodigy, now battles with far more human needs. His special talent makes him a human lie detector but he quickly finds that knowing a lie doesn't necessarily give him the truth.

Nathan struggles to find his place in society, a society driven in many directions by hate, fear, hidden agendas, and the personally unreachable goal of just being normal.

An emotional and compelling read.





UK  £13.15

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Oren Hammerquist is married with four children.

Although “Hindsights” is a work of science fiction, he hopes his novel is broad enough in its appeal to cross genres.

He is presently serving in the US army in Germany.

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