The Jesse Tree by Johan Minto

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Paperback (229mm x 157mm) – ISBN:  978-0-956362-33-9

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Dr. Marcus Hoag and his extended family put to rest his dead wife Chrissie high up on a windy hillside of the Yorkshire fishing town of Whitby. As the family mourn their loss the fascinating story of The Jesse Tree begins to unwind and takes Marcus to a place he never thought he would reach. The future!

In the future, 24th Century, Police Rank Sergeant McKinley and his rookie, WPC Terry Herbert, traverse the space routes between the World Energy Federation WEF space stations in his space police craft trying to keep the mining shuttles safe from unscrupulous bandits and space penitentiary escapees.

McKinley’s encounters and ultimate aim was to ensure the WEF shuttles coming and going along the routes were safe, but life on board the police craft and space stations which orbit each planetary satellite in the solar system, were not as easy to keep in order. The secrets of WPC Terry Herbert and her connection to antiques specialist Dr. Hoag would eventually be revealed, plus her reasons for joining the space police force. As they all traverse the galaxy their individual desires become exposed, but one unexpected revelation and encounter, have them all dangerously on the edge of oblivion.

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