ShieldCrest try to fill the gap and we like to regard ourselves as a joint venture partner with our authors.

The start point is to determine if you really do have the talent to write.  All authors are confident they do and if they weren’t, they shouldn’t even start. However, do you really have what it takes?

Sorry if that offends but it is a good idea to get an independent third party to verify this.  They should be able to verify you are able to manage a good storyline and, most importantly, whether you can write in such a way that it captivates the reader.

It helps you, the writer, if someone other than friends and family let you have an honest opinion.

Confidence, tenacity, coping with rejection and perseverance are all qualities the successful writer will have or he will fail, irrespective of any outside help that is provided.

Do you have these qualities?  Test yourself by answering these questions:

1. How many manuscripts have you produced?

2. How many people have proof read your work (not just family and close friends) and given feedback?

3. How many literary agents or publishers have rejected your work to date?

If you have tried hard over a prolonged period and can show you have thought about the steps you need to take, you are ready to line up on the start grid.

If you cannot find a literary agent willing to even read your manuscript then there is a possible alternative.  The recommendation of other authors who have had their work published will carry a lot of weight.

If your ready to submit your work with full distribution then please click for Option2


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