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This is the true story of Robina Jax  who led a double life after being drawn into the escort world, which she believed she came to  enjoy.

She describes in detail, never before revealed, the true extent of the debauchery and orgies in which she participated to satisfy  both men and occasionally women.

Most of us imagine we know what the world of a high class escort entails but this book takes the lid off the extent of the licentious desires and sexual fantasies she encountered and the eventual toll it took.  

The author developed a split personality or Dissociative Identity Disorder. The first was the loving wife and mother and the second was the woman who got caught up in the world of prostitution as a high class escort in Cheshire.

There were times of laughter and great sorrow but her two lives eventually took their toll. Drugs and alcohol became increasingly necessary to keep her going and get her through the highs and lows and mask her extraordinary double life.

  “Revelations  by     Robina Jax

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2018-01-18 Talk Radio Europe interview - final.mp3

Robina is interviewed by Stacey Pinkerton on Talk Radio Europe.