As part of our ever growing range of marketing services, ShieldCrest has introduced a new opportunity for our authors to have their books examined by the TV and film industry.

These industries have been virtually a closed shop except for a select few who are connected to the “club”. To get your book in front of the right people is almost impossible when approaching from the outside.

However, producers and directors in Hollywood are continually looking for new material. But they don’t know you and you don’t know them. To put that right, ShieldCrest have partnered with Voyage Media. Voyage Media are based in Hollywood at the heart of the world’s largest film and TV industry. They have all the right connections to get your book in front of the right people and thereby give it the best chance of success.

As we point out elsewhere on this web site. Having your book published and made available through all retailers is just the beginning and doesn’t mean it’s going to fly off the shelves. Unless something is done to promote it extensively throughout the media it will just sit among thousands of other titles.

It is for this reason we provide such an extensive range of marketing services. These range from book reviews to press releases to over 100,000 media specialists in the UK and many more globally. The author web page option we provide is also where the majority of our successful authors got most of their early sales.

Radio & TV broadcaster, John Stephenson, founder of ShieldCrest interviewed Nat Mundel, President and founder of Voyage Media based in Hollywood. The interview/webinar took place on 10th December 2013 and is available below.

Listen to the interview Run time – 20 mins