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ShieldCrest offers its authors a unique opportunity

By 1 December 2015May 18th, 2022No Comments

ShieldCrest’s authors are being asked to participate in a unique opportunity in conjunction with their partner in India. Plans are being made to publish the best stories from the best writers worldwide on their Idea of India and to take it to readers all over the globe. It will comprise a collection of 24 short stories from 12 Indian and 12 foreign authors, selected by renowned judges, and published by India’s Author Centric publishing house – InkHorn Publishing India. The book will be published internationally and translated into 2 languages in addition to English and will be available in 7 countries, giving successful authors an extensive reach and a wide platform.

India is the land of diversity, magic and of stories that enchant the world promising future, traveller’s delights, a cultural potpourri and more. India is many things to many people and they want to know what “Your Idea of India” is.

Our authors are simply being asked to write a short story based on, in or around India. It can be an account of a true life incident, a travelogue or a fictional story of what they hope for India – anything that captures the essence of India. By writing an engaging and moving short story in no more than 5,000 words any of our authors can be included as one of the 24 successful authors in this collection.

They are being provided with the rules of the competition and submissions must be made before 25th Dec 2015 so there’s not much time.

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