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The Shire Horse – Wendy Sue Elliott

By 1 December 2015May 18th, 2022No Comments

Introducing, from the author of “From Humble Beginnings”, Wendy Sue Elliott, the new title “The Shire Horse”.

Matt is a humble farm hand who leaves home against his parents’ wishes to better his lot in life. 9781911090021

He and Sarah meet and fall in love after he saves the life of Tom, a ploughman working on Wellern’s Farm where she lives.

When Sarah is almost raped by her guardian Jack Wellern, his long-suffering wife takes her far away, telling no-one where they have gone for fear he might find them.

In the years to come, Matt and Sarah’s lives take a completely different course and they both rise in business and society encountering loss, heartache, tragedy and deception along the way.

But despite everything they never forget each other until, almost 25 years later, fate throws them together again in a most unexpected way.

eBook due out shortly.

For more information and to purchase your copy of this book click Here.

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