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White Kings Corrupt Asians in Tanganyika (Tanzania) by PA Roberts

By 9 June 2016May 18th, 2022No Comments

Introducing the new title from P.A. Roberts, “White Kings Corrupt Asians in Tanganyika (Tanzania)”

Anil the Maharajah; love him, despise him, fear him, money was his God but the diamond9781910176979 was a curse to his family, so many had to die.

Anil’s daughter Sita had met Ray Silcock, the now police chief, during their  university days in London. On Ray’s arrival in Tanganyika they met again and fell in love; she ate the forbidden fruit and in the eyes of the Hindu religion she must bear the consequences of her actions.

Ray and Billy Stones proved to be the most corrupt police officers in the country.

Penny the governors wife was in love with Ray. He was caught between the two women but ultimately Sita had won his heart but their lives together would be forever in danger.

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eBook version available soon, watch this space!

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