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Would it make any difference?

By 9 June 2018May 18th, 20222 Comments

An article from last month made for an interesting read, the article on the BBC website reported that the NFA (Northern Fiction Alliance) where calling upon the publishing industry to be less London-centric as they phrased it.

I do wonder what difference a shift of organisation would make, we operate in a global marketplace where location shouldn’t make a difference to the service you are providing or receiving for that matter.

Would you choose your publisher based on where they are located?

Whilst we would actively encourage publishers to spread their wings in terms of location what does it actually achieve?

Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments.

Read the full article here


  • Mike Johnson says:

    Would you choose you published based on where they are located?
    Is there an opening for a proof reader and editor at ShieldCrest my wife could do with a job…. ????? seriously though I don’t think it makes a difference except maybe the cost of rental property is cheaper outside London

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