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Option 2 get your book into global distribution

Add worldwide distribution to Option 1

There are strict requirements to get your book into distribution.  We will:

Allocate unique ISBN

Incorporate required copyright protection

Produce mandatory bar code and incorporate on rear cover

Lodge book copy with Deposit Libraries to comply with

 the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003

Register your book with Nielsen in the UK

Make  your book metadata available worldwide and

 through international retailers such as Amazon.

Ensure your book is available for order through all major UK high street booksellers such as Waterstones, W.H. Smith, etc.

If requiring e-Books ensure these are produced in all formats to suit the main e-Readers and distribute globally.

Terms & Conditions applicable to all orders

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If we share this cost with you under our joint venture scheme the additional cost for this service can be as little as £250.

NB.  The only additional cost is for 12 copies of your book for the legal deposit libraries and to ensure key retailers and distributors have stock copies to aid sales.