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So who doesn’t love reading a good piece of mystery? Whether it is a gritty, psychological thriller, or a cottage garden murder mystery, mysteries are one of the most popular genres of book amongst readers. A cleverly plotted story, with well-developed characters, plenty of red herrings and subtle clues, and an unexpected conclusion, make for a brilliant read. Here at ShieldCrest, we like nothing more than a great mystery manuscript to read. So, if you are looking for a publisher, then come to our professional and experienced team here at ShieldCrest.

Mystery Book Publishing Services in the UK

We work with mystery authors to bring their stories to life. Our team includes a whole host of professionals with many years of experience within the publishing industry, such as editors, designers, and marketing experts, who all bring their talents together to help transform your typed manuscript into a physical book that you can hold proudly in your hands.

The Process of Submission and their Guidelines

Every publishing house will have different submission guidelines. You will need to research which are the best for you. Some only accept certain genres, or will only accept a submissions from an agent. When you have chosen one that you feel is the best fit for you and your book, check their submission guidelines closely. You don’t want your book rejected simply because you haven’t followed their guidelines correctly.

The Process of Publishing

Many books start with a single idea. You may just be walking along, and suddenly a scene, character or idea appears in your mind. From this point, you have to develop your initial spark into a complete book. But it is not only the process of developing your story that takes time, but also the process of turning your manuscript into a complete book. Here at ShieldCrest, our team of professionals work with you to ensure that this transformation is efficient and professional.

Complete your manuscript

While it can be tempting to send a publisher the first few chapters of your book, before you have finished it, it is better to finish writing your mystery book before submission. Partly because, if they like it, they will ask to see the rest, and if you haven’t written it, you will lose the momentum of their enthusiasm. Some only initially want to see the first few chapters, but they will expect you to have written the rest. It is extremely unlikely that you will receive a contract without a publishing house seeing the complete story, as some people can write a brilliant opening chapter, but may struggle with sustaining the plot, pace, and characters throughout a whole novel.


Edit, edit, and edit again. Your first draft is just that – a first draft, no-one writes a finished piece the first time. You need to read your mystery story as a whole, to check the story works, and that the plot has no glaring holes in it, and then you also need to copy-edit it line by line, to check all the spelling, grammar, and meaning. Asking a trusted friend to read your book can be helpful, as once we write something, we know what we mean to say – which might not be what it actually says!

Research potential publishers

Not all are the same. Most will have areas that they specialise in, or genres that they enjoy working with. Make sure you are approaching the right people. Some focus on mystery novels, whilst others concentrate on Young Adult fiction. To optimise your chance of success, you need to pick the most suitable publishing house for your book.

Submit manuscript

Always check the submission guidelines. You must send in your manuscript in the correct manner and right format. If they state that only accept submissions from a literary agent, then do not submit your manuscript without an agent. Don’t set yourself up to fail, make sure you follow the guidelines exactly and make the most of your opportunities.

Negotiation and contract

Don’t get so caught up in the excitement of getting your novel accepted to fail to negotiate a good contract. If you have a literary agent, they will act on your behalf during the negotiations and, hopefully, get you a good deal. Make sure you understand the contract before you sign it, as this is a legally binding agreement.

Editing and revisions

Editing is where we polish the story. Working with a professional editor will make a huge difference to your story. Another pair of eyes, another point of view, and a professional who is trained to pick up on the smallest of mistakes will give your book an incredible makeover.

Publication and distribution

When you work with our fantastic team here at ShieldCrest, you have access to all of our expertise and knowledge. Our team will transform your typed pages into a beautiful set, designed, and bound book, whilst our distribution team will make sure that it is despatched around the country, ready to start flying off the shelves.

Marketing and promotion

One of the most crucial elements of the success of your mystery novel lies in the marketing and promotion of it. There is a constant flow of new books being released, and you need yours to stand out. Our dedicated marketing department will work with you to market and promote your book so that you gain exposure, which will lead to potential sales.

How Long Does The Mystery Book Publishing Process Take?

Here at ShieldCrest, using our successful self-publishing model, we aim to publish your book within 4 to 10 weeks. This will depend upon how much work it needs. A traditional publishing house can take up to a year to publish your book, from the day on which you sign the contract. It does differ and is worth discussing when you are negotiating your contract.

How Much Do Mystery Book Publishing Services Cost?

Publishing services do vary in cost, so make sure you do your research before hand. Some self-publishing companies do charge a substantial amount to their authors. Here at ShieldCrest, we feel that self-publishing should be accessible to people and that finance shouldn’t be a barrier to the sharing of great stories. Our packages are fairly and transparently priced, so that you know exactly what you are getting and how we will help you.

A Small Sample of Mystery Books We Have Published

Submit Your Book to ShieldCrest

Our team love a good mystery! Whether it is a pleasant murder in a sleepy English village, with the thud of cricket balls echoing through the pages, or a gruesome, ghoulish tale of haunted houses and strange encounters, we want to read them. We are always looking for an intriguing story, with believable characters, and a twisty plot. If your story will entertain and engage us, then please submit it to our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I publish a mystery book?

If you are looking for a publisher for your mystery book, then look no further. If you have written your book, then have a look at our submission guidelines. As long as you follow the exact guidelines for the publishing house you have chosen, you will optimise your chance of success. Whether you want to self-publish or go down the traditional route, do your research to follow the submission guidelines, and don’t get disheartened by rejections.

2. Do I need a literary agent to submit to a mystery book publishing house?

Not all will accept submissions directly from authors. If you want to send your mystery book to a mainstream publishing house, then you will probably need an agent. Self-publishing companies, such as ourselves, will be happy to accept a submissions directly from authors.

3. How long does it take for the publisher to respond to submissions?

This will vary from one to the other. Many give a time limit in which you will hear from them if you have been successful, whilst some publishers respond to everyone. Often this information will be included in the submission guidelines. In the case of ShieldCrest, we will respond within 3-4 days of receipt of the manuscript.

4. Do mystery book publishing services retain rights to my book?

When you write your book, it will automatically be copyrighted to you, as the author. All the rights will be laid out in your contract, make sure you spend time reading your contract so that you understand exactly what rights are yours.

5. Can I use mystery book publishing services if I want to self-publish?

Here at ShieldCrest, we offer self-publishing options to our authors, so that authors who don’t want to go down the traditional publishing route, can work with us. If you would rather use a mainstream publishing house, then our parent company Pressman House offers traditional publishing contracts. As with everything, there are pros and cons to both, and you need to consider which option is the better fit for you and your mystery novel. This said, more and more authors are having to turn to self-publishing as their preferred route to share their stories with their readers.

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