Poetry is a beautiful art form. If you love writing poems, whether short or long, silly or profound, sharing these poems with others can be a fantastic experience. As UK based poetry publishers we love publishing poetry books. A book of poetry is the perfect antidote to the frenetic modern-day pace of life. A few moments of reading a poem can give you a moment of calm, a brief respite, that you can carry in your pocket. We think poetry books should be published and shared, so however you enjoy writing; in scattered moments, on paper napkins in coffee shops, on the tube, or proudly at a walnut desk with a fountain pen, we want to read it.

Poetry Book Submissions

We welcome submissions directly from writers. As always it is good to get someone else to review your work before you send it to a publisher. Choose a trusted friend, someone who you can trust to tell the truth, not simply flatter your ego. Careful editing can transform it, and it is important to ensure that it is the best that it can be before you send it to us. We receive many submissions of poetry and you want yours to stand out for all the right reasons, not all the wrong ones.

Do I Need a Publishing Agent?

Many publishers insist that all submissions are sent through an agent, and won’t receive any unsolicited manuscripts. At ShieldCrest we accept poetry submissions directly from writers, as well as from agents. It can, however, be useful to have an agent, as many publishers only accept submissions from agents. Some publishers will accept poetry submissions directly from writers, but fiction submissions only from agents, so if you enjoy writing both poetry and stories, it may be helpful to have an agent in the long run. An agent may be well-connected and have a good network of relationships with publishers, this may help to increase the chances of them placing your manuscript. An agent may also be able to seal a deal on your behalf, and this may result in you obtaining a better deal than if you had negotiated directly. It is worth remembering however that an agent will charge you a commission fee for the work that they do.

What Should I Submit?

You will need around 50 poems to make up a collection of poetry. Concentrate on putting together your best work. However, you should only submit a small sample with a covering letter, and any endorsements that you may have. Carefully choose your selection, as they need to be representative of your whole poetry collection. Make sure that they are edited and proofread before sending them in, and that they are clearly laid out in an easy-to-read font. Publishers receive many submissions, so it is important to not be instantly rejected for a minor reason. Ask your trusted friend for advice, or other poets who have submitted work to publishers. Most publishing house websites have submission guidelines on them, and these may vary, so you must read each one, for each publisher that you submit to.

Can I Submit it Directly to a Publisher?

In general, you can submit directly to a publisher. If you are interested in submitting fiction or nonfiction, most publishing houses only accept manuscripts from agents. We accept poetry directly from individuals, though it is important to remember that we receive many poetry journals every day.

Submitting your Poems to ShieldCrest

We are pleased to accept poetry submissions directly from individuals. Please send a small selection of your poetry collection with a covering letter. Please ensure that all poems are edited and proofread before submitting them to us. Make sure that they are easy to read and printed in a legible font. It is generally wise to have in the region of around 50 poems before you make a selection to send out to publishing houses. While we only want to see a selection initially, if we are interested in your work we will want to see your whole collection quickly, so don’t be caught out. Select carefully, these poems need to convey your tone, your style, and your message. They need to reflect the whole of the collection. It may be worth asking other people’s opinions on which poems to submit. If you attend a writing class, or poetry group, consider asking your teacher, mentor, or peers for help and advice. Published writers will be able to give you pointers on what worked for them, so take their advice to heart.

What Happens to My Submission?

Your poetry will be read by our team of experts. We receive many poems so it may take some time before you hear back from us. If you are successful we will contact you to discuss the next steps regarding your poetry. This will usually be to see the rest of your collection of poems, so ensure that you have a full collection before you send in a sample to us. If you are unsuccessful this time, keep writing. As with many things, we improve over time, and you can continue developing your skills, before trying again. Remember even if your poetry has been rejected by another publishing house, it doesn’t mean that every publisher will reject it. We are all different people, and our likes and dislikes vary, so it is worth sending your poetry to many different publishing houses, not just one.

Looking for UK Publishers? Call us today!

We love poems of all shapes and sizes, so send us yours. Poems are incredible pieces of creativity and if you would like the opportunity to share your outlook on the world, your feelings, and emotions, send us a selection of your work today. We love working with poets and enjoy being able to transform poetry collections into physical poetry books. If you would like to see your work in print, take the first step to become a published poet and send your poetry submission today.