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ShieldCrest are very proud of their achievements over the years and the extent of the positive feedback from their authors. It is even more rewarding when the industry recognises it with awards.

Special Winners

It is very rare for a company to win one of our awards more than once but when it does happen, we provide a special GOLD AWARD to signify the event.
ShieldCrest Publishing is part of Pressman House Publishing Ltd and has won our best publisher award twice and our innovation award. To commemorate this we invited them to a ceremony in August where we awarded them the Gold multi-winner Award and the picture shows Steve Robson collecting the trophy on behalf of ShieldCrest.

We offer them our sincere congratulations.

London & South East England AwardHow We Choose the Winners

With such a broad range of businesses being recognised, we look at each case individually and assess how the team have harnessed more effective processes, products or ideas, in order to: transform their industry for the better, increase profits, and/or offer a more successful service.

Products and Services

This category is essential in determining if the business is achieving the ‘excellence’ aspect of the award title. We are then concerned with how a company’s products and services are unique from competitors, in what ways they could be considered innovative, and most importantly, how clearly and effectively this information is conveyed to customers on the web site.

Service ExcellenceService Excellence

We look into what methods a business has implemented in order to achieve the highest level of customer service, in what ways the team go above and beyond a customer’s most basic expectations and how this has positively impacted the overall productivity and reception of a company.  We also take notice of whether a business monitors customer service quality with the view to make improvements.

Londone & South East Prestige AwardsFollowing our success in both 2018 and 2019 when we were awarded Best Publisher by SME Business Journal; we were delighted to learn from Prestige Awards that they were awarding us Best Publisher for 2021.

The pictures show Leigh Stephenson, CEO of Pressman House Publishing and their subsidiary, ShieldCrest Publishing receiving the winning trophy from Zack Stevens, Event Co-ordinator for Prestige Awards.

Also at the awards ceremony were Steve Robson and Samantha Murphy, Customer Service Manager for ShieldCrest.

They described Shieldcrest Publishing as an experienced and proficient publishing company with an impressive track record. In the 12 years since opening, the publishing experts have seen notable expansion and their clients have grown exponentially from homegrown UK writers to authors from all across the world.

While these numbers have continued to grow, Shieldcrest carefully manages all new authors, enabling them to continue providing the kind of high quality service their existing authors have come to expect. The professional, highly skilled team is able to offer all the help and advice an author needs.

Shieldcrest Publishing partners with authors on a shared risk basis and invest in them. This means that while new writers feel supported, they are also comforted by knowing the publishers have a vested interest in their success. They have a range of marketing services to help achieve sales lift-off for their author’s books and provide a variety of options during releases. These services including a dedicated author web page with an online book purchase facility to stimulate early sales. Services available at Shieldcrest include e-books, book illustrations, reviews, proof reading, editing and press releases.

Global distribution is offered through Amazon and other major online retailers and their books are available through all High Street bookshops.

Book Publishers UK
UK Publishers

2018 & 2019


As UK book publishers we have experience in the full range of book genres including novels, children’s books, biographies, non-fiction, true stories. We are not afraid to take on controversial issues and are open to a range of voices. We want to see your manuscripts.

If your manuscript is ready to publish simply send it to us using our Submissions Form. Although most of our manuscripts arrive in digital format, if you only have a physical copy you can contact us via our contact form with regard to digitising your hard copy. As you might understand, we get a lot of submissions and working with digitised copies enables us to speed up the process and reduce costs thereby offering the best possible publishing packages to our writers.

To find out more, just follow links above or give us a call and we will be happy to talk to you about bringing your work to market.

Book Publishers UK
Book Publishers UK

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