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Various expressions have been used to describe authors who have been unsuccessful in getting their books accepted by a traditional publishing house (which probably goe for 99%).  Such as:

“Ah, this is just self-published.”

“He/she is vanity publishing.”

Such expressions are used in a derogatory way as if the author is just a self seeking glory hunter and not a serious or talented writer or not as good as one who has been published through a mainstream publisher.

No-one is denying there are advantages getting your work published through a large publishing house. However, for the reasons outlined earlier they can keep themselves busy by simply leaping on the celebrity bandwagon and if you could get yourself on Big Brother or other fly-on-the-wall TV programmes, they would be contacting you for a book.

What they also conveniently forget to tell you is that if they were able to detect talent when they see it, why did well-known authors such as J. K. Rowling, Steven King, Lord Byron, T.S. Eliot, Edgar Allen Poe, Leo Tolstoi, Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf and many others, all start by self-publishing.  

They were all rejected by main stream publishers so the self-proclaimed experts aren’t necessarily able to recognise talent when they see it.  However, they were very quick to jump on the bandwagon after their talent was discovered by others.

One author gave the best answer we’ve heard.

He said:

“If a chef, rather than apply for a job at Trusthouse Forte, decided to open his own restaurant,  I don’t think anyone would dismiss it as ‘vanity catering’.

On the contrary, potential diners would be inclined to assume that he might serve up a better, more adventurous meal than they would get in a chain outlet.”

We hope that all helps to answer the question.

Publishing Made Easy

As with all things in life, it often pays dividends to find the optimal way to do something. Whether you are baking a cake or publishing your best-seller book, it is always worth investigating different ways to do things. The book publishing process can be slow and unwieldy and self-publishing can be a viable option for many people. Self-publishing allows you to maintain control and oversight of your book. You can ensure that it is created and produced as you wish. When you choose to self-publish your book it gives you the opportunity to market and promote your own book, which can give you far more scope than being published through a mainstream publishing house. Many mainstream publishing houses have rigorous marketing budgets for new authors, they often allocate their resources to established authors, which means that your book may not be given the attention it deserves. If you have control of marketing your book, you may drive sales more effectively by using your belief and passion for your book. ShieldCrest also has a full range of marketing services available.

How Does it Work?

The self-publish process for transforming your book from your laptop into a real-life book is simple and easy to follow, especially when compared to the sometimes laborious process of publishing your book through a mainstream publishing house. When you choose to work with ShieldCrest we will spend time explaining the self-publish process to you, from proofreading and editing your book to the front cover design, we will work with you every step of the way. If you are excited to see your book in print, then speak to our informative and experienced team about the self-publish process, and give your story wings. We will keep you informed about the progress of your book along the way, and provide support and advice around the marketing of your book. All our self-publishing support services are tailored to your needs and expectations.

Self Publishing Process

The process of publishing your book with us is straightforward and transparent. Simply get in touch with our helpful and efficient team and we will discuss the services and packages that we offer. We always start with understanding what you want to achieve from publishing your book. Do you want to share your book with family and friends? Do you have a message that you want to share with certain groups of people? Or do you just love writing? Whatever the answer, the basic process is the same. All good books require proofreading and editing, all eye-catching covers are well-designed, and all best sellers have experienced marketing and sales teams driving them forwards. Your book will be no different, we will work through the stages which take your book from the words on your screen to a tangible product that you can proudly hold in your hands. We can also convert it into an eBook in the various formats required for different digital readers.

Submitting a Book to ShieldCrest

Before you send us your book, it can be worth asking for feedback from someone whose opinion you respect and that you trust to give you genuine feedback. Don’t just ask someone who will say what you want to hear, valued feedback can help to improve and refine your book. You want your book to be the very best that it can be before you submit your book to us. Make sure it is thoroughly proofed and spell-checked, and that it is in easy-to-read letter size and font. It is useful to have a synopsis of the book so that we can see quickly what genre or type of book it is.

Benefits of Self Publishing a Book

We love books, and if you are considering getting your book published, so do you. Stories make up our world. Stories that are passed down through families, true stories, fictional stories, memoirs of lives well-lived, all these stories can be made into books. Books can be kept and treasured. Books can be read while curled up on rainy afternoons, or while relaxing in sunny gardens. Books can be shared amongst the people we love, they can be given as gifts, shared with people who need help, or just enjoyed by others. Having a book self-published can be incredibly satisfactory and rewarding. It can be hard work to write and will require dedication and commitment to finish a book (less so to start one!) So, celebrate your book and get it published.

Looking for a Self Publishers Company? Call Us To Get A Quote.

If you are looking for a self-publishing company that adores books of all shapes and sizes, then contact us because we love books. We love the short, the long, the quirky, and the sad. We love books for children, adventure, family sagas and recipe books. Whatever story you want to share, share it with us. Partner with us, and transform your story into a book.

Read our complete guide on How to self-publish a book.

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