It’s all part of our ever-expanding service to our family of authors.  So, don’t worry about it or resist it, just leave it to us.

Oh! And it’s not expensive; Like everything else we do it’s affordable to all.


As they say: “You can’t stop the tide coming in” and so it is with e-Books.  More and more people are downloading and reading from electronic terminals, in fact e-Books are now almost half of all book sales for standard novels.

Let’s take Kindle for example. Amazon are striving to achieve a 50% market share in e-book sales for novels but if you purchase a Kindle terminal you’re locked in to Amazon. What about iBooks from Apple, Google, Kobo books etc. Your Kindle’s no good for these.

Well, it makes sense doesn’t it, the cost is far less than the paper version and it is immediate.  No ordering and waiting until it arrives, no shipping costs and it’s right there when you want it.  OK it doesn’t look anything like as attractive as a set of books on your bookshelf but if you’re going on holiday and want to take several novels with you, what about the weight?

Would you bet against Apple or Google dominating the book market after their success in music and other markets? Downloading in E-Pub format works on their terminals – no problem. Then what about the Sony, Samsung and many other terminals, shouldn’t you be able to download from any book supplier to these terminals?

But what about the formats? There is Kindle, EPUB, LRF Mobi, PDB  What do you do?  Which terminal uses what? Aahhh.

ShieldCrest offer a full e-publishing service that will prepare your book for download, to Kindle and all other e-terminals which form the majority of the market. It includes the allocation of a new ISBN which is necessary for all eBooks for general distribution.