So your book has been published but how does anyone know it’s there? Amazon won’t tell anyone and neither will the major retailers. It’s up to you (with our help) to increase the awareness of your book once it has been released.

ShieldCrest will provide you with a helpful list of all the things you can do in your locality to achieve sales lift-off.

But that’s not all…….

Together with our PR partner, ShieldCrest will provide you with an ‘all-in package’ which includes a professionally written press release, strategic targeting and distribution to all relevant media in the UK.

More information on marketing your book here.

Who gets it?

The targeting of each book is bespoke and will centre around type of book and subject matter, the reader, geographical location of the author (to capture local interest).

Media targeting is done once the release has been created and signed off by the author.

Our partner has the world’s largest and most up to date media database with over 1.7M media contacts worldwide and 175,000 in the UK alone.

Their database covers all book reviewers, book and literary media contacts and other media outlets relevant to your book.

We time the press releases to coincide with any marketing you plan to do to promote your book in your local area so it maximises your efforts.

We also provide a range of suggestions as to how to maximise on the sales in your local area which is usually the best place to begin your marketing.